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Simone, Nina (1933-2003). Interprète

Edité par Rca international. [s.l.] - 2011

Day and night In the dark Real, real My man's gone now Blacklash blues I want a little sugar Buck Since I feel for you The house of the rising... Blues for mama It be's that way sometime The look of love Go to hell Love o'love Cherish I wish I knew how it... Turn me on Turning point Some day Consummation Why must your love well... Save me In the morning Sunday in Savannah The blacklash blues Please read me Gin house blues Why? Peace of mind Ain't go no I loves you Porgy Take my hand precious... Do what you gotta do Mississippi goddam Don't let me... Come ye Ain't go no (single) Peace of mind (single) Seem I'm never tired... Nobody's fault but mine I think it's going to... Everyone's gone to the... Compensation Who I am Another spring The human touch I get along without you... The desperate ones Music for lovers In love in vain I'll look around The man with the horn I think it's going to... Suzanne Turn, turn,turn Revolution, part 1 Revolution, part 2 To love somebody I shall be released I can't see nobody Just like Tom Thumb's... The time they are a... Suzanne Turn, turn,turn Revolution Save me The glory of love Cosi ti amo Introduction Black is the colour of... Ain't got no Westwind Who knows where the time... The assignment sequence To be young, gifted and... Suzanne No oppurtunity necessary The other woman Turn, turn,turn... To be young, gifted and... Here comes the sun Just like a woman O-o-h child Mr bojangles New world coming Angel of the morning How long must I wonder My way Tanywey My father Jelly Roll Tell it like it is 22nd century What have they done to... My sweet Lord Poppies Isn't it a pity Let it be me The pusher Com' by h'yere good Lord Funkier than a mosquito... Mr bojangles I want a little sugar Dambala Let it be me Obeah woman Nina Zungo Thandewye.

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Retrouvez tout l'esprit de FIP dans le "Coffret FIP, volume 1 : la playlist qui rythme votre vie". Réalisé par les programmateurs de votre radio préférée et publié par le label Wagram, le "Coffret FIP", ce sont 5 albums, plus de s...

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Blue prelude That's him over there Theme from "Middle of the night" Willow weep for me Solitaire Black is the color of my true love's hair Exactly like you The Other woman You can have him Cotton eyed Joe Fine and mellow Nobody kn...

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Cotton eyed Joe I got it bad (and that ain't good) You better know it Satin doll It don't mean a thing The laziest girl in town The assignment song See line woman Ne me quitte pas Remind me No opportunity necessary Backlash blues ...

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God, god, god If you knew Mr Smith Fodder in her wings Be my husband I loves you, porgy The Other woman Mississippi goddam Moon over alabama For a while See line woman I sing just to know I'm alive My baby just cares for me.

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Dans la lignée de Vari-colored songs que la critique avait célébré, elle poursuit l'exploration musicale de sa double identité culturelle, les États-Unis où elle est née et Haïti où sont ancrées ses racines. Alternant le violoncel...

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